Friday, March 15, 2013

A Bit of Our Story

A wonderful piece written by Nathan McIntyre:

Over the past three years, our project that was Emilio Cigars has grown exponentially. This largely due to our passionate community of cigar enthusiasts finding out about us and sharing their discovery with friends. For this, we thank you. 

One thing we have realized also is that while we have grown very quickly, we haven't stopped to actually share the story of how Emilio Cigars came to be. So, it is here that we'd like to take a moment and just give you the story of what Emilio Cigars, and our imagery, is about. 

What you may know...

Gary Griffith for many years has managed a chain of tobacco stores in Delaware. While doing so, he received a call to come to Central America on a blending trip. While there doing the work that he was called to do, he blended what came to be our Series H Sumatra and the time, content just to sell them in his shops. While there, he struck up a friendship with AJ Fernandez, and on a return trip blended what is now our AF1 and AF2. Still, content to sell them to a small number of shops...whomever was interested. Alongside those came the Grimalkin, inspired by a friend who had haunting eyes.... 

No delusions of grandeur or stardom. Just interesting cigars that his passion for tobacco and friendships helped create. 

2011 came along, and with it, a number of the right people. Most by accident, but we're learning there are no accidents. With the right people came an astounding level of attention from internet media. Emilio Cigars, having no advertising budget made top-10 after top-10 toward the end of the year. 

2012 brought AF Suave... our Connecticut made on a dare. Then Draig K Limitado, and the rebranding of Grimalkin to La Musa. La Musa, we felt was more appropriately branded in honor of a dear friend who inspired us that Gary called his Muse. In fact, every line has a unique story and purpose behind it.

We also realized that in the same way that friends had helped us early on, we had the capacity to help new friends come to market. Enter "House of Emilio." It is our honor to provide great retailers with great cigars, and help our friends along the way. Once again, it wasn't in our "Five Year Plan", but always doing what seemed right when presented with the opportunity. 

Doing right by people, every time. However, there's more to it.

What you probably do not know...

The deeper story behind Emilio Cigars can be seen in our logo. Most companies start with a logo and go from there. For our first two years, we didn't bother to have one because nothing was perfect. We just made great cigars. 

Until on a car ride the subject of Metasequoia glyptostroboides came upMetasequoia glyptostroboides  is the "Dawn Redwood."

Considered extinct for millions of years, a few Dawn Redwoods were discovered living in China in 1944. American scientists brought them back to the US, and slowly started working to repopulate them. The Dawn Redwood is a deciduous conifer. While growing cones, it turns bright orange every Fall and loses it's fern-like, prehistoric leaves, only to come back in Spring. Truly unique...a tree that should not exist, yet despite all the odds it lives and grows. Much like Emilio Cigars. 

The leaf in the Emilio Cigars logo is that of a Dawn Redwood, handpicked. The sword is Gary's family sword, which he owns to this day. Together, these images form a message that tells you the meaning behind Emilio Cigars. We are fiercely dedicated to honoring our loved ones, and thankful for that which should not exist. There are no accidents.

So, when you smoke an Emilio Cigar now, perhaps you'll feel a little bit more of our story. We'd like to start telling it more. Some details we'll keep for ourselves, but now, when you smoke Emilio, maybe you'll appreciate things which should not be, and give thanks that they are. we do everyday.

Smoke well friends.

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  1. An awesome story and journey.....may your journey continue to be blessed beyond your wildest dreams. Craig Collins. Destin, FL