Thursday, January 31, 2013

Announcing "The Disseminators"

Over time I've come to realize that we have been blessed to have some very passionate supporters of our brand. These are folks who, since the beginning, have advocated on our behalf. They have all along been like family, so today we begin the process of formalizing that relationship.

Over the next few weeks we'll begin announcing the appointment of a select group of cigar smokers to be known as "Disseminators." Across the country, these folks will be bringing you all the latest news about not only Emilio Cigars, but all the other terrific brands we distribute.

These will be the first people to receive samples of new products. They will participate in product development. They may even show up at shops and events bearing gifts.

We'll flesh out the details of how this will all work as we move forward, but effective today the infiltration begins.


  1. How can I become a "Disseminator"? Sounds like a worthy cause. ;)

  2. Awesome, Gary! Another step on the journey! Congrats! Seems like an awesome position that anyone would love to have!

  3. Great idea and I know plenty of volunteers for this effort.