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House of Emilio March Newsletter

The Best of the Boutiques

Our monthly digest of all the published reviews of House of Emilio Cigars. Many thanks to those who have taken their time to honor us with their perspective.

Stogies on the Rocks review of the Bodega Reunion Digestivo: "
The second third is a nice blend of earth, wood, and pepper.  There is also a nuttiness that develops.  The retrohale is still strong on earth and pepper, but the finish has become milder.  As this sections transitions, the wood gets stronger and some salt joins the nuttiness.

The final third sees all of the elements come together with a bit more tanginess.  There is even a little cream and savory note that pops in there from time to time.  Then, a bit of harshness creeps in, but only lasts for a few puffs and disappears.  The cigar finishes with a pleasant savoriness."   Complete review here.

In his review of the Ezra Zion Cigars Eminence, Cigar NewB says: "Overall a fantastic cigar that will shock your taste buds with the flavor that is produced. The mixture of black and white pepper with chocolate and molasses is perfect. I expect that Ezra Zion will continue to produce rich satisfying cigars if this is to be an indicator of whats to come."  The full review is here.

Stogie Review had a go at the new Nomad Cigars Connecticut Fuerte: "Would I buy it again? Hell yes. This is right in my wheelhouse for a mild-medium cigar and if I would have my smoking room I would have tried it in the morning with coffee as I think it would do well in that arena."    The full review is here

Beer, Tears, and Smoke Rings reviewed the Ezra Zion Cigars Tantrum:  "he first details I can describe about this cigar are the appearance, construction, burn and draw are all fantastic quality and consistency. For me, those are the fundamentals that I have a hard time compromising. If a cigar has great flavor but smoking it becomes a part-time labor intensive job then it quickly becomes mulch for my flower bed. Not the case with this Tantrum. Smooth cut, quick light, and a smooth draw right off the bat. I am immediately hit with a pepper zip that wakes me up and lets me know that this little dude is serious!"

Check out the complete review here 

 Cigar NewB reviewed the Bodega Reunion Aperitivo: "
Overall a fantastic cigar that really fits its moniker which is to Reunite the enthusiast to his or her cigar experience. In this task Bodega has succeeded. This is a cigar that can and should be shared amongst fellow cigar aficionados and be allowed to do what it does best, please the smokers senses. The heavy floral and black pepper notes, accompanied by sweet and earthy undertones really makes this cigar stand out amongst the others."

The complete review is here
Casas Fumando reviews the Ezra Zion Cigars FHK: "Man, oh, man! This cigar is starting off unbelievable. First off, I am a huge fan of San Andres tobacco and this cigar is showcasing the leaf to its fullest. There has been a common complaint how San Andres tobacco can overshadow the rest of the blend. In this instance, it is really complimenting the blend. There is just the right amount of a syrupy, maybe caramel-like, sweetness that is rounding out the rest of the profile of spice, earth, and cedar. The ash is dark gray. The thick burn line is right on and the ash is firm." Review

Catfish Bluezz reviewed the Rodrigo Cigars Habano Clasico Lancero:  "Combined with the initial flavors of the first third, this was a fine example of a cigar with depth, given the citrus, berries, wood, bread, pepper, and spice notes.  Towards the end of this third I was reminded of cream soda at times, but very lightly."

Read the complete review here

Praise from Cigar NewB in his review of the Emilio Cigars Los Regalos Quetzal: "The real standout here is the masterful construction and quality that the Quetzal provides. At first glance you would assume this is a simple cigar, but whats under the wrapper is a flavor bomb."

"Again the oak and pepper mix remains constant. The draw has loosened quit a bit more and is smoking almost perfectly. This along with the amazing burn, just makes this cigar so enjoyable so far."

The full review is here

Ultimate Cigar Party reviews the Emilio Cigars AF1: "Now that she has given me some time to settle in I am really starting to appreciate her earthiness and creamy chocolate combo. Don’t get me wrong, she is still packing some serious heat as a full-bodied bombshell, but now at a more comfortable pace. She is really putting out an immense amount of thick, almost chewy smoke that smells amazing."  Review here

Bruce Henry's Dual review of the Emilio Cigars AF1 and AF2 was featured on Project Shanks. Final Conclusion? A 93 rating for AF1, and a 94 rating for AF2!   Check it out here

Beer, Tears, and Smoke Rings, on the Epicurean Cigars Gonzo: "The Gonzo 2007 was right up my alley in terms of flavor and strength profile. The rich, earthy and peppery flavors of Nicaraguan tobaccos, the hints of cocoa, a light touch of sweetness and woodsy flavors from the blending were fantastic. All of this achieved without the sometimes overwhelming bite of large ligero quantities in many Nicaraguan cigars was perfect for me."

Read the full review here

Cigar Nubs reviewed the La Musa Mousa Lancero by Emilio Cigars: "The La Musa Lancero keeps things interesting throughout the entire 7 inch smoking journey, offering up a complex and shifting flavor profile, each puff has the potential to bring something new."

"I can’t call the La Musa sweet, but it gets as close to being sweet as you can without quite crossing that line."   Full review here

Dan Gumm had this to say about the Nomad Cigars S307: "The ash held until the 1/3 mark. One thing that surprised me was how well this cigar held the box-pressed shape for the entire duration. Another item is the smoke, this cigar produced large plumes of smoke. The smoke had a dry finish to it. That’s not a positive or a negative for me, it’s just something that makes smoking cigars interesting for me."

"As I said, this is my first Nomad cigar and I think it was a darn good first experience. I plan on smoking many more!"   Full review

Tiny Tim's Cigar World reviewed the Bodega Reunion Digestivo:
"This cigar has great, sweet flavors. If you are one who like a sweeter maduro cigar with lots of coffee notes you will like this cigar. I really enjoyed it. Seek them out. It will be worth your trouble. A tip of the hat to House of Emilio and Bodega Cigars."

Full review is here

Beer, Tears, and Smokerings on the Nomad S307: "This S-307 is a hit in my book. I was both given the flavor and complexity I expected from the tobacco blend and also pleasantly surprised with the excellent construction quality for such a large stick. The full flavor and the balanced body made for a great smoke. This is a larger cigar than I typically choose to smoke but it was outstanding all the way down to the nub. Have you ever had a really great cigar and thought to yourself, "If only I could get this same cigar in roughly the size of a 10 foot long 2 x 4?  The full review is here

Seth's Humidor, on the Ezra Zion FHK: "I find that the milk chocolate flavors from the first third are present, but softer than before. The citrus notes however have really shown an increase and are popping out like no other. I am picking up some noticeable grapefruit notes in this third, and it is producing a nice citrus sweetness with some spice and pepper notes. The leather, hay and tobacco notes have shown an increase as well in this third and it is bolder as a cigar."

"It showed impeccable construction from beginning to end and with that a nice flavor profile that had depth, complexity and transitioning."   Review here

The Smoking Greek reviewed the new Nomad Cigars Connecticut Fuerte: "The Connecticut Fuerte started off with some delicious nutty notes accompanied by a slight pepper spice. It gave a beautifully creamy sensation with just the right kick to it. Throughout the first third the nut and spice were present along with notes of wood and sweet tobacco here and there.
The second third brought the wood and sweet tobacco notes more to the forefront. The nutty notes were still present. The spice also kicked up a tad in this third. The creamy sensation also stayed in play adding such a tasteful accent to this already enjoyable cigar."  Review here

Bourbon & Broadleaf reviewed the Rodrigo Cigars La Fortaleza: "Once you light up this smoke the party begins. You will notice right away that the burn balance is spot on and the taste offers leather, light spice, and a creamy cedar-ish after-taste. The taste maintained a wonderful constant blend through out the entire cigar. The La Fortaleza by Rodrigo Cigars also gives off some of the whitest ash I have literally ever seen."

"It is an amazing blend and is a must smoke to any cigar lover."

The full review is here

In his review of the Emilio Cigars AF2 Cigar NewB had this to say: "This is a flavor bomb of a cigar. The chocolate is just oozing out of this along with deep leather and and I pick up some molasses as well. Really enjoyable flavor combinations so far"
"Now mellowing out and leveling to a nice creamy smooth smoke. Spices are picking up while the chocolate and so caramel like flavor is introduced. The construction is amazing and is producing a fantastic clean ash."

Ultimate Cigar Party reviewed the Emilio Cigars AF2: "Overall, I have to commend this leaf for her volumes of smoke, great draw and near perfect burn as it all contributed to a very pleasant experience. This cigar has plenty of body to satisfy full-bodied smokers while remaining smooth enough for virtually every experienced smoker to enjoy. The flavors are complex and extremely pleasant and well balanced."

Read the complete review here

Covering Your Ash, on the Rodrigo Cigars Boutique Blend: "The Boutique Blend opens with some pepper that quickly dissolves into a buttery tobacco and cedar flavor. At the halfway point some sweetness and leather overtake the cedar"  The complete review can be found here

Tiny Tim reviewed the Emilio Cigars Draig Cayuquero: "The cigar continued with the sweet, buttery cedar, charred wood, coffee, and nice white pepper to the end. The finish was about the same but there were some charred oak notes here at the end. The cigar ended at medium to full bodied. It took about one hour to smoke. I believe any cigar lover would like this cigar. It was quite impressive"  Review here

Seth's Humidor reviews The Collective, by Cigar Federation and Ezra Zion Cigars:  "I liked the press to this cigar, it was a soft press, and almost a natural pressing rather than some pressing which is very industrial like. The cigar showed solid construction from beginning to end and is a smoke that is going to produce a wonderful burn line, solid ash and a cool draw from smoke to smoke. In terms of flavors, this is a cigar that has grown in complexity in just a short period of time and I believe with more age will smoke even better. This is a cigar where you tuck a box away to smoke in years to come"

The full review is here

The Stogie Guys review the Emilio Cigars Serie H Maduro: "After setting an even light, the Series H Maduro starts with a medium-bodied profile of black coffee, creamy nut, cocoa, and leather. Smoking quicker will impart more of a dry, woody spice on the center of the tongue. This peppery finish couples really well with what I’d characterize as a typical Maduro sweetness. The smoke production is above average, and as it fills the room it leaves a sweet, creamy aroma. The final third of the Robusto tends to straddle the line between medium- and full-bodied."

"I smoked several samples for this review—all of which I had been aging for about 18 months—and each displayed very good combustion qualities. Expect no problems with the burn line, ash, or draw. This is a set-it-and-forget-it smoke."   The full review is here

Cigar Coop reviews the Epicurean Cigars Gonzo Santeria, and rates it a 92: "This is a cigar that hits on all cylinders from start to finish.  Perhaps one of the best qualities of the Santeria is the complexity that this flavor profile delivers.  The Gonzo Santeria is the kind of cigar that I'd recommend to the novice or experienced cigar enthusiast.  As for myself, this is a cigar I'd recommend smoking again.  Even though this cigar comes in 50 count boxes, normalizing this to a standard 20 to 25 count box, this is still worth a box split in my book."  Review here

Bourbon and Broadleaf reviewed the 1502 Ruby:  "The 1502 Ruby is a medium bodied cigar with some great flavor hints and a smooth finish. Not one bit of spice taste despite the binder and filler being from Nicaragua. However, that did not take away from the overall experience of this cigar. The wrapper has a seemless look which adds to the entire feel of the cigar."    The full review is here

Ultimate Cigar Party reviewed the Ezra Zion Jamais Vu:  "Overall, I really enjoyed this evening alone with Jamais Vu. She bedazzled the pants off me for sure and I am looking forward to another date with this fine tasting Latina. I can’t say enough about how tasty she was. This is definitely one of the best tasting cigars that I have had in a while. Her finish was absolutely memorable. Plus, she maintained her flavors, aroma and burn line beautifully and her spicy surprise really intrigued me."
The full review is here

Just Another Guys Guy reviewed the Emilio Cigars AF1: "Upon lighting and taking the initial draw there is an instantaneous shot of black pepper right out of the gate that coats the palette and lets you know the business on the retrohale. I damn near sneezed! The pepper fades quickly however, and transitions into more of the traditional sweet tobacco notes with undertones of coffee and cocoa. The burn is spot on with a nice white ash. I would classify this cigar as a full flavor, with medium-full body at this point."  The full review is here

Cigar Aggregate reviewed the Bodega Reunion Aperitivo:  "In the final third the woodiness really comes to the forefront as the earth flavors move to the background.  However, I slow down, even more than normal, and the woodiness dissipates slightly and the sweet tobacco flavors come back.  It was at this point I experienced a random citrus note on the retrohale."      The complete review is here

Ultimate Cigar Party reviewed the Guayacan by Noel Rojas:  "Her ash…let me tell you about this ash –as tight as they come. She was a well-constructed dame for sure. And, it was a perfect charcoal color.
The second third of our date was just as pleasurable. She was very consistent in flavor – maintaining her floral, cedar and earthy flavors. She is a typical Nicaraguan beauty- born to please and full of earth.  None of her flavors was overpowering, just a sweet, consistent smoke.
I was very impressed with my sweet mistress tonight because she offered no rude surprises. The final third was just as enjoyable. Her flavor profile didn’t change at all."  The full review is here

Smoke Easy reviewed the Black Gold by 1502 Cigars:  " There is some very mild black pepper that's only evident during retrohale. Some coffee flavor with hints of cocoa and cinnamon-like spiciness are introduced during the second third of the smoke. The final third becomes a bit fuller in body and in strength, as the coffee flavor becomes much more robust, the smoke becomes much more earthy in nature, and the floral notes are lost. In addition, the black pepper becomes more dominant as the smoke progresses. Interestingly, there is one subtle flavor note of anise that remains constant from start to finish." Review

Cigar NewB reviews the Epicurean Cigars AG Azul:  "This cigar is developing nicely becoming very creamy with cocoa and floral being the main flavors. I also get a nice toasted type taste as well."

"Overall a really solid cigar that was extremely enjoyable to smoke. This is the perfect cigar for a weekend summer night when you want to relax. The cocoa and pepper are executed very well and provide a creamy flavorful smoke that is sure to keep you coming back for more. Do purchase, Do smoke, Do repeat."       Full review here

Nice Tight Ash reviewed the Nomad S 307:  " when the molasses and sweetness did make its appearance, I really enjoyed the smoke from there on out. Great medium to full strengthed flavors with a good amount of body to it as well. The draw was great as well as the burn. I think Fred has a hit with this blend and I would really like to see how the small ring gauged corona does for the strength and sweetness of the smoke. Overall, definitely a cigar to try."   Full review here

Dan Gumm reviewed the Bodega Reunion Digestivo:  "As the razor sharp burn progressed toward the 1/3 mark, flavors of cocoa, brown sugar and oak joined in. Near the center section there were nuances of caramel and a bit of mild red pepper. I did notice about then the smoke was leaving behind a sweet chocolaty aftertaste on my palate. Once the red pepper passed, there were notes of nuts, molasses, cream and cocoa that built into a nice long full bodied finish.
Burn wise, the ReuniĆ³n Digestivo was fantastic. The razor sharp burn line left behind a semi firm light gray that held on to the middle where I bumped it off and a nice oily sheen developed on the wrapper."     The full review is here
Dan Gumm reviewed the Guayacan by Noel Rojas:  "Once the cigar was burning it produced a nice volume of smoke from both ends. The first few draws reward me with ample mouth fulls of  medium bodied smoke with flavor nuances of nuts and earth, with a slightly dry wine type of finish. As the burn progressed there were other flavor notes of rich tobacco, peat, oak, molasses, barn yard, espresso, a hint of cream and some burning grass. I thought to myself about half way through, “this stick tastes like a classic cigar”. I’m saying that as a complement.
The burn on this Guayacan Robusto was razor sharp and left behind a semi-firm, gray stripped ash that held until right at the mid point."   The full review is here

Back Yard Cigar reviewed the Emilio Cigars AF1:  "The aroma and taste of the Af1 was very sweet, with each puff i tasted a sweetness with a hint of coffee that near the end of the cigar go from very complex to subtle, ending on a bold, peppery note that comes from the Maduro wrapper. this a truly a cigar i would highly recommend to pair with a nice cup of coffee or tea."   Full review here

Cigar Memoir reviewed the Tantrum by Ezra Zion Cigars:  "the cigar settles into the core flavors of earth, mineral-salt and cedar with a newly arrived bitter espresso on the finish. Once again, the undertones are leather and mulling spice. The still robust retro-hale is composed primarily of black pepper. A “smoky” character accentuates all of the core notes. The Tantrum is true to its name and continues to kick and scream with body and strength. The finish last 7-10 seconds and is primarily composed of mineral-salt and the bitter espresso."  Full review

Cigar Craig took the Nomad Fugitive 2 for a walk:  " This is a really nice, smooth Dominican cigar with hints of sweetness and a really nice draw, at least after I cut it a second time. Funny thing, I gave it a little snip with my Xikar scissors and it was fine, but about an inch into the cigar it kinda clogged. Very strange, but once I cut another eighth of an inch off it drew fine! This is a neat shape, very fun and enjoyable to smoke. I think this is the best in the Dominican line I’ve smoked."

His complete report is here

 The Cigar Collection reviewed the La Musa Mousa lancero by Emilio Cigars:  "I reach the final third, and there is nothing short of complexity here. The flavors mingle together in a cloud of natural spice and sweetness."  "This has been an outstanding smoke and enjoyable to say the very least. I would recommend this to any avid cigar smoker looking for that next challenging smoke. This stick falls just short of being medium-strength, but it is definitely full in flavor!"

The complete La Musa review is here

Tim's Cigar Blog reviewed the Ezra Zion Tantrum:  "At the end the flavors were sweet cedar with a touch of richness and a brown sugar sweetness. There were charred oak notes. In the previous segment I stated that the red pepper seemed to be changing over to a black pepper on the front end. Here at the end I can taste both black and red pepper on the front end. Coffee remained the base. The finish remained one of graham cracker with a black pepper finish. The cigar ended up full bodied. This has been a fantastic cigar. I was totally impressed by the Tantrum."  Review

Tim's Cigar World reviewed the Nomad S307:  "The charred oak was very much attached to the cedar with it's tanginess. The dark chocolate notes were still floating at the base. The pepper ticked up to an 8. The finish remained the same. The cigar ended at medium to full bodied and burned evenly. This cigar is one of sweet cedar and a lot of dark notes. This is one of those cigars that would be a good after dinner cigar."   Full review here

Cigars and Scripture reviewed the Ezra Zion Tantrum:  " Smoke!! Smoke!! Smoke!! Should i say it again? Or did I get my point across? In the second third the draw also tightens, adding to the experience and what I believe to be the cause of the excess smoke in smoke production. The burn line isn’t exactly razor sharp, but is quite tight and straight. The ash falls in the mid second third. Although the ash looked weak, it hold on great and for much longer than I expected.
                Lots of chocolate and a delicious tobacco on the palate. The notes of earth from the previous third has now become more of a floral note. Even with the high profile notes, the Ezra Zion Tantrum jumps into the ring like a midget on steroids."  Full review here

Backyard Cigars reviewed the Nomad Connecticut Fuerte:  "For the first third of this cigar, the taste was very sweet with notes of pepper thanks the habano binder, which produces a nice white plume of smoke and light grey ash. I opted to punch this cigar, which helped with the draw a bit. as I get closer to the middle third the draw tightens up just a bit and the flavor changes to a sweet yet very creamy vanilla tone."
The full review is here

The Casual Cigar reviewed to Bodega Reunion Aperitivo:  "The earthiness began to really dominate after the midway point, an almost soily quality, but the nuttiness hung around, and I got some nice leather notes as well.

Performance wise, this thing was a champ.  Never touched up or relit, and the burn line was razor sharp.  Thick gray smoke pumped out of this stick, and the salt and pepper ash held on past the inch and half mark and was extremely dense.  Just an extremely well made cigar."
Full review is here

Dan Gumm reviewed the Emilio Cigars La Musa Melete Lancero:  "the highlight of this cigar was the complex flavor mix. Nearly each draw had a different mix of flavors. During the 70 minute smoking time I found notes of caramel, nuts, oak, cream, sweet tea, camp fire, wheat straw, brown sugar, toast and coffee in just about any combination you can imagine. The finish was long with a flavorful mix of toast, coffee and sweet cream."

" The La Musa Melete had superior construction, a great burn time and a fantastic flavor mix that kept me guessing through the entire experience. If you get the chance to smoke one of these, don’t pass it up!"     The full review is here

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Friday, March 21, 2014

American Boutique Cigar Manufacturers Association

Last weekend at the DC Tweetup the idea of a Boutique Cigar Manufacturers Association came up, and I instantly knew the House of Emilio would be on board.

A more formal announcement will come in a few weeks, but in the interim I'd like to invite small manufacturers to contact me to gauge interest.

Our purpose will be to demonstrate to our elected representatives that we are American small businesses, and to garner support in that way.

Obviously this whole idea is in its infancy, and going forward we will be able to more clearly define our purpose as more and more of our fellow passionate brand owners come on board.

My best wishes to all my fellow manufacturers in the industry. Let's hear from those interested, and get the ball rolling.

Gary Griffith